Tuesday, 15 December 2015

An Early Start To Pruning The Fruit Trees

The fruit tree pruning has started early this winter. Taking advantage of the unseasonably high temperatures this winter it was decided to start the pruning now rather than wait until next February as in previous years.

Under the guidance of the Orchard Manager from Waterperry Gardens, Chris Lanczak, the team are reminded how to prune the apple and pear trees. This year the trees produced a very large crop of fruit, putting all their energy in to this production rather than growth. Last year it was the other way round, a low fruit yield and more growth resulting in more to prune. Growth is removed from the centre to keep it open and to allow air to circulate through the crown, overcrowded branches are removed, dead and diseased branches removed and strong growing laterals shortened.

"Shorten Back This One"

It is hoped that the pruning will be finished by February rather than only just beginning.

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