Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Stuck On Yew

Hedge Trimmers

The recent spell of high temperatures has caused a delay in the start of the hedge cutting around the college grounds, it has been far to hot for such an arduous task. With this weeks forecast of cooler days Joss, Simon and Kieron started on the many hedges, beginning with the 20 yew columns in the Provost's rose garden.

Clipping The Tops

Yew Columns Provost's Rose Garden

Once the columns had been cut Joss and Simon continued to work together moving on to other yew hedges; the dividing hedges between the orchard and the car park, the two curved hedges in the Provost's garden and the orchard footpath hedge. By the end of a day stuck on yew they had completed their task, but that is not the end of the hedge cutting, it's the box hedging tomorrow!

Orchard/Car Park Dividing Hedge

Provost's Garden Yew Hedges

Orchard Footpath Hedge

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