Wednesday, 15 July 2015

A Morning Of Cutting Box Hedging

A lovely cool, overcast morning, perfect conditions for cutting box hedges not only for the gardeners but for the box too. Box is susceptible to sun scorch when cut in very hot and sunny weather and the gardeners are susceptible to sun scorch when cutting in very hot and sunny weather! 

Simon, continuing on from where he left off yesterday, hedge cutter in hand, was joined by Kieron to work on the long box hedge. 

All morning the two of them worked together to cut the longest hedge completing it in just 3 hours. The last small box hedge to be worked on today was cut by Ali. Two days of hedge cutting, arms aching, the team has broken the back of the hedge cutting, just the huge one in the car park left to trim, to see just how big it is see blog entry 15th August 2013 'The Tallest Hedge'

The Longest Hedge

Small Box Hedge
Box Hedge Through The Archway

Box And Yew, Orchard Footpath

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