Friday, 1 May 2015

Restoring One Of The Memorial Benches

Over the last few months work on restoring one of the memorial benches began. The bench was in poor condition, its paintwork flaking and in desperate need of restoration. Last month the old paint was removed using a power washer, blasting off the dirt and paint. The bench was then put in to storage until Tuesday when work on it began again.

 Using sanding tools of various shapes and sizes, Danny carefully removed the remaining paint creating a smooth surface to which the wood finishing oil could be applied.

The finishing oil chosen was 'Danish Oil' to give an attractive, water resistant low sheen finish. Applied using a cloth the oil was worked in to the wood, two coats were needed to penetrate and protect it from the elements it may encounter whilst out in the gardens. 

The beautiful wood grain, hidden for so many years beneath dirt and flaking paint, can now be seen again. For four days Danny has lovingly restored this memorial bench, soon to be seen out in the gardens again, once it has dried that is.

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