Friday, 22 May 2015

Appying A Liquid Grass Growth Regulator And Fertiliser

With a new long hose attachment on the 60 litre pedestrian sprayer Joss can now apply liquid fertiliser safely to the banks. The previous method meant that Joss had to carry a full 15 litre piston pump knapsack sprayer on his back to accomplish the same task, filling it up 4 times!

The liquids applied today were a mix of 'Primo Maxx' and 'N Sure', a liquid formulation grass growth regulator and a slow release nitrogen fertiliser respectively.  According to the labels here is what they do!

"PRIMO MAXX inhibits vertical growth and diverts plant growth downward into the root system to produce increased lateral stem movement. This results in a thicker, healthier sward that better equips turf to withstand temperature extremes, moisture loss, traffic and wear and even helps in the management of Poa annua, Annual Meadow grass."
  • Reduces grass top growth, improves sward and root mass
  • Improves colour and appearance
  • Cuts down mowing frequency
  • One application can cut grass clippings by 50% 
"N SURE A liquid fertiliser that contains the unique slow release nitrogen source -triazone- a mechanism proven in the UK climate. The slow release properties of Triazone provide gradual nitrogen availability to the plant, reducing the amount of clippings produced and producing growth characteristics - even when comparatively large amounts of nutrients are applied."

Having safely completed working on the banks Joss detached the long hose from the pedestrian sprayer, unfolded the 2 metre 4 nozzle boom, and applied the remainder of the tank's contents to the quad lawn. Notice the foam dots on the lawn, a foam TurfTracker that tells Joss where the liquid mix has been applied, harmless to the turf and soon disappears.


  1. Your turf is absolutely superb and is a credit to you. I wonder how long you have been using these products and what your assessment is of its value compared with more traditional methods.
    I spent an interesting hour reading this American assessment of grass growth inhibitors
    keep up the good work

    1. Hi Roger. Thanks for the link to the article. This was the first time using this product and over the last four weeks there has been a noticable reduction in growth, but is has been wearing off so a further application has been added today, 19th June. This will be applied at four weekly intervals, last one September. Regards Ali