Thursday, 20 November 2014

Two Days In The Provost's Garden


Following on from The Goldfish Bowl, the team moved on to the next garden that was in desperate need of  their attention, The Provost's Garden. In The Rose Garden the one hundred roses needed pruning, the perennial under planting cut back and the beds weeded, enough to keep them busy for two days.


Starting in the garden yesterday they managed to complete half of the garden's ten formal rose beds so returned this morning to continue the tidy up. All the rose prunings were taken to the chipping pile, leaves and perennial material to the compost heap and the weeds to the skip. By the end of today, day two, all the formal beds were complete as well as the long bed that runs the entire length of the rose garden and the winter border. Unfortunately they ran out of daylight hours so will have to return another time to work on the two lodging borders.

Half Way, End Of Day One


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