Friday, 28 November 2014

Black(bird) Friday

Ali had an alternative 'Black Friday' today, a 'Blackbird Friday'! This bird was brought to her attention when it was spotted laying on the ground, wings spread out, struggling to breath, looking like it was dying. Picking it up, she noticed that the reason for this was an orange Pyracantha berry lodged in its throat, the bird was choking, unable to regurgitate it. As Ali gently massaged the bird's throat, the berry slowly moved up the from the crop so she could pull it out, unfortunately there were two more berries stuck that also needed to be removed. The bird seemed very accepting of her help and, once all offending berries had been removed, was happy to sit in a basket recovering from its ordeal. After half an hour of rest the bird was released, one lucky, greedy bird!

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