Thursday, 26 June 2014

Tercentenary Ball Preparations Continue

Lighting On The Bridge

The preparations for the ball are happening all around the gardens, lighting engineers have set up huge lengths of cables and lights. Tables and chairs, and toilets have been delivered


Borders Roped off
Special areas of the gardens have been roped off for their protection, flower borders, the banks and the Provost's rose garden.

Ferris Wheel
A 'flat packed' ferris wheel arrived on the back of a lorry and was erected on the Nuffield Lawn whilst the Tercentenary stage continues to built nearby.

Tercentenary Stage

Dining 'Orchard Marquee'
The 'Orchard Marquee', that started to be erected on Monday, is now complete and the table and chairs have been placed inside.

Giant Tulips
In the Provost's garden, two large tulips have been made and more lighting, that will illuminate the lodgings, put into position.


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