Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Swans Abandon Their Nest

16th June, Swan last seen on her nest

The swans started rebuilding last year's nest during the third week in March and a week later the first egg had been laid, see blog entries 21st March 2014  and 27th March 2014 respectively. Six weeks earlier than the previous year, it was hoped that cygnets would be seen on the lake sometime in early to mid of May, but the time came and went and still she sat on the nest incubating her seven eggs. She sat for ten weeks, one week longer than last year, before abandoning them. However, the pair have stayed on the lake rather than flying away, as was the case last year, see blog entry 12th July 2013 'Swan Nest And Eggs Abandoned'. The centre of the nest now holds just three eggs, one can be seen teetering on the edge and another in the water, two have disappeared. A sad sight, hopefully next year will be the year that cygnets are finally seen on the lake.

18th June 2013, Nest abandoned

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