Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Coverings Of Horticultural Fleece

Nuffield Lawn

These odd shaped coverings of fleece have been seen around the college on previous occasions, one of which is referred to in the blog entry 4th October 2012 'Egg Shaped Fleece'. Two sunken areas on the Nuffield were causing a problem when mowing last year, so have been infilled with soil to raise the height and grass seeded.

Front Entrance Lawn
The headland, the turning point for the mower, on one of the two lawns in the front of the college was also in need of repair. Top soil has been added and grass seeded.

A third area, which was also in need of repair, can be found in the orchard. Several old, tired roses have been removed and the holes they left behind have been filled with soil, levelled and grass seed sown. All these areas have been covered in horticultural fleece improving the germination and growing conditions by keeping the area warm, at the same time protecting the seed from hungry birds and, once germinated, the newly emerging grass from any frosts.

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