Wednesday, 2 April 2014

5 Tonnes Of 20mm Shingle

A large walnut tree in one of the college properties has been causing a problem when it comes to getting grass to grow under the shadow its canopy casts. Three times the area under the edge of the canopy has been sown with grass seed only for it to die off once the tree comes into full leaf. It was decided that instead of having an unsightly, dead lawn, the existing shingle area would be extended to the line of the canopy.

Five tonnes of 20mm shingle was delivered to the property and placed as close to the side entrance as possible, reducing the distance the shingle would need to be transported by wheelbarrow.

Once all five bags had been deposited safely their contents were shovelled into the barrows and pushed into the back garden.

Within an hour all the shingle had been moved into the garden and levelled. The front section of the old lawn will be reseeded.

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