Thursday, 20 February 2014

Planting A New Yew Hedge

Today's task, to prepare the ground and plant 75 young, 2 foot tall Yew trees to create a hedge along the side of the orchard next to the car park.

Before the turf could be removed the area for the new hedge had to be measured out and guide lines put in place.

The turf was then cut into small squares using an edging iron, lifted with a turfing iron, placed into a trailer and taken to the compost area to make a turf stack.

As the turf was removed a trench was dug and the soil placed on boards to one side.

Once the trench had been dug the bottom was forked through to break up the base and a layer of leaf mould added. A guide line was then placed along the centre of the trench. The young yew hedging plants, purchased from Penwood Nurseries Ltd, were then placed into the trench, a few at a time, along the centre line and the soil back filled around them.

By the end of the day, through sunshine and rain, a new hedge had been created between the orchard and the car park.

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