Friday, 7 February 2014

Goosander's Arrival 2014

Goosander (female)

Goosander have been seen on the lake, and their arrival dates recorded, since the blog began in 2009. This year they have been arriving constantly since the team returned to work on the 2nd January, but on two days, 30th January and today, their numbers have been more noticeable.
  • 30th January 8 birds, 4 female and 4 male
  • 7th February 10 birds, 2 female and 8 male
Always 'just passing through', it is a sight that the team, especially Ali, looks forward to seeing.
Previous year's visiting dates are:

2013 - 28th January, 11th February
2012 - 17th February
2011 - 19th January
2010 - 18th February
2009 - 16th February

This winter has seen the college lake visited by more Goosander than ever before, hope to see more of you next year.

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