Friday, 19 July 2013

Nine Ways To Apply Water

This has been the hottest July since 2006, so the team's priority has been to try and keep the flower displays, newly seeded lawns and recently planted trees watered. Every method to hand is being used, nine different ways in all, until the temperatures break and the storms arrive, bringing the much needed rain.

Oscillating Sprinkler
The sprinklers used range from Oscillating to Mushroom Head, dependant on the situation their water is required.

Rotoframe Sprinkler

Black Soaker Hose

The soaker hoses deliver the precious droplets of water to where they are needed most, reducing on wastage, a more efficient way to water the plants.


Part/Full Circle Metal Sprinkler

H2O Bags (80 Litres)

The H2O bags fit securely in the wheelbarrows, allowing the safe transport of up to 80 litres of water to the trees where there is no easy access to a water source.

Watering Cans
The ever reliable watering cans are used with the hoses pipes to water the many display pots, and for spot watering.

Mushroom Head Sprinkler

The Rotor Pop-Up Sprinklers deliver the water to the main quad lawn and the banks at night reducing the risk of evaporation. The system jets are set to the exact radius for the arcs of water to cover the grass to prevent wasting water.

Rotor Pop-Up Sprinklers


  1. What a range of watering systems!
    I will just stick to my hosepipe and watering can!

    1. The thought of using just watering cans and hoses, nightmare. Much needed rain arrived yesterday, a quick heavy down pour, the tenth way to apply water! Regards Ali