Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Disinfecting With Jeyes Fluid

The greenhouse has been empty for some time now, since all the plants were planted out in June, and is in desperate need of a deep clean. The high temperatures, over the last few weeks, have stopped Ali from cleaning it, as it would have been far to hot to spend the day under glass. 
Today the temperatures dropped sufficiently to create a comfortable working environment for the Ali to move in. Joined by Graham and Ady, they removed the over turned plastic bread and Tesco food trays, used during the winter as makeshift, low level shelving for the shade loving plants. The weeds were then dug up and the floor swept to remove all the plant debris. Old metal and wooden shelving that had been used for storage, no longer required since the building of the potting shed, was taken to the skip, then the wooden bench tops were placed on the floor in readiness for Ali to clean the staging.

Mixing Jeyes Fluid with boiling water, Ali used a scrubbing brush to clean all the staging, removing all the dirt and disinfecting the surfaces. For the floor, boiling water mixed with Jeyes Fluid, in a watering can, is poured onto the stone and slabs to remove algae and dirt. Once dry, the surfaces are hosed down and the greenhouse closed down for the remainder of the summer.


  1. Ah Jeyes fluid, I can just smell it!
    And great for clearing the algae from stone surfaces.

    1. Roger, smelt of it for days, lovely clean glass house though!