Monday, 1 October 2012

Back To The Greenhouse

Provost's Yard 23rd May 2012

Provost's Yard 1st October 2012

Just over four months ago the plants that would create this summers display in the Provost's Yard were brought out from their winter home, the large greenhouse, and placed in the oak pots. The first photograph shows the pots as they were being planted, the second, the display in all its glory.
The dark leaved banana plant was so small it couldn't be seen in the first photograph, but believe me it is there. The Albizia tree also put on a huge amount of growth during the summer to give a wonderful display.
With the summer at an end, and the cold mornings fast approaching, the plants have had to be removed from the oak pots and returned to their winter home, the large greenhouse, where they will wait till May 2013 to create another wonderful display.

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