Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Working Together

The morning started with a rather large delivery of compost, horticultural grit and John Innes, two pallets all needing to be moved into the greenhouse for storage. Working together with wheelbarrows, a sack truck and man power, and having made the delivery driver a cup of coffee, the bags were stacked neatly away until the autumn.

Having finished with the delivery, the team moved into the Provost's Yard and removed all the plants not required for this years summer display.

The plants not required were heeled in over in the nursery for their temporary storage, then the team turned their attention to the greenhouse, which plants are going to be used in this years display?

In preparation for the new plants, some of the old, tired compost was removed and a new fresh mix added, unfortunately one of the medium pots had to be completely changed due to the dreaded Vine Weevil, not just the grubs but the pre-pupil stage too. (Click on the word Vine Weevil for more info on these creatures that hide in pots and can destroy plant displays!)

By the end of the day the display in the Provost's Yard was complete.

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