Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Tip Toe Through The Tulips

The weeks of rainfall have not only created the perfect conditions for our newly sown grass seed to germinate but also for the weeds to flourish all over the college borders. Over the last few days Ady, Graham and Ali have been working on the herbaceous border carefully weeding amongst the flowering tulips.
This morning they completed their border weeding, digging out the perennials and hoeing off the newly germinated annual weeds, the new acquired Spintiller clearing the annuals in super quick time.
Before leaving the border and moving onto the next job, the decision was made to start unwrapping the The Japanese Hardy Banana, Musa basjoo. Overnight temperatures have steadily been over 5 degrees centigrade and with the danger of frost subsiding, the top of the winter fleece protection was removed allowing the banana to breath the fresh spring air and feel the warmth of the May sunshine, or maybe that should read, the wetness of the May rain!

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