Monday, 12 March 2012

Rugby Posts

The garden team merged with the grounds team back in October 2011, so the gardeners have today been involved in something new, the taking down of the rugby posts. The rugby season has finished and the sports ground will be needed for new cricket season, so the posts, situated in the out field, are in the way and need to be taken down.

The gardeners and groundsmen, having completed their training in the erection of tower scaffolding a few years ago, build a tower to the top of the posts. The top third is removed first and carefully passed down the tower to the men on the ground.

The horizontal bar is then removed, the team then begin the hardest part of the job, the taking down of the upright, which is four to five feet deep in the ground. Working together, it is lifted up out of the ground and gently lowered, controlled by the man at the top who has tied a rope around the top of the upright.
With the upright down, the tower scaffold is moved to the next upright and the procedure starts again. Of course, posts come in pairs, so the whole thing has to be done again down at the other end of the pitch.

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