Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Old Hen House

The team returned to a garden they first visited in May last year. On that occasion it was to see the work that would be needed to clear it. Ady and Callum started the renovation in August, see blog entry 4th August 2011 'In The Pouring Rain', clearing all the overgrown shrubs and brambles. At the very end of the garden an old hen house was discovered, its removal left for another day.

Well today was the day for its demolition, the start of it anyway. Using a wrecking bar and sledge hammer the hen house was removed in pieces to the skip.

During the demolition, amongst the rubble, a Peacock butterfly was spotted, it's bright colours illuminating the scene of destruction.

After a few hours work the skip was full so the team will be returning tomorrow to finish the clearance.

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