Thursday, 8 December 2011

Working With Mother Nature

It may seem the wrong thing to do in very strong winds, but Ali and Callum spent the morning using the leaf blowers and forks to get the leaves out of the ditch.
Sometimes you have to work with Mother Nature, it is much easier than going against her. The trick was, when using the blowers, to wait for the wind to blow in the right direction, blow the leaves up out of the ditch and allow the wind to take the leaves to where they needed to end up.
Occasionally though, Mother Nature would play a trick on them and, at the last minute, switch the direction of the wind and blow them straight back at them, covering them in dirt and dry leaves.
Whilst Ali and Callum were playing with, or was it working with the leaves, Graham and Ady were planting 300 tulip bulbs in the newly enlarged bottom border. Mixing three varieties, Attila (Purple), Burgundy and China Pink, they planted them in groups, marking their location with canes for when the herbaceous plants are added to the border at a later date. Another stunning display is expected.

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