Monday, 12 December 2011

Feeding and Protecting

It may look like a giant oil slick on the Nuffield lawn and has prompted a number of questions as to why it has appeared, well there are reasons behind it.
Over the years the soil has gradually been eroded and compacted under the trees as we remove the autumn leaves through leaf blowing and the suction from the ride-on-mower. As the soil level has dropped some of the snowdrop bulbs have started to show and the removal of the leaves takes away the natural food source for the trees.
The team spent the day topping up the soil level with leaf mould which will feed the trees as the worms draw the leaves down and improve the soil for us, at the same time, protecting the bulbs.
As well as feeding the trees, the dark mulch will be the perfect back drop for the many hundreds of snowdrops that will appear in February, or maybe January if the warm weather continues.

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