Thursday, 28 July 2011

Strimmed, Trimmed, Blown and Sawn.

For the last four days Ady and Callum have been working down at the sports field end of the college. Graham has assisted them for three days and Simon and Ali two, so if you wondered where all the gardeners had been this week, this is where you would have found us.

Twelve months ago, see blog entry for 10th August 2010, 'Back Behind The Line', the team were clearing the overhanging trees and shrubs and it needed to be done again. Strimmers, hedge cutters, blowers, chainsaw, saws, loppers and secateurs, as well as perseverance and patience, helped get the job done.

The result, the groundsman can now mow up to the edge of their field and the path that leads to the Canal Building is free from unsightly tall weeds, unkempt hedges and shrubs, an unruly forest of bamboo and overhanging tree branches, a job well done.


  1. Could you recommend a good strimmer/trimmer? We are keen to buy one, just not sure which one yet.

  2. Hello Petra. The strimmer, blower, chainsaw and hedge trimmers we use are all made by STIHL. Hope this helps, the gardening team.