Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Protection, Prevention and Produce

Due to the very cold temperatures seen during the winter, the crowns of the tree ferns were wrapped in fleece to provide some extra protection.

Now that signs of life have been seen within some of the the crowns, Ady and Graham spent today removing the fleece, cutting away the old fronds and giving them all a water.

Over in the orchard, now that the flower petals have started to drop from the fruit trees, it is time to protect the newly setting fruit buds from the Codling Moth.

Simon and Joe placed three Codling Moth traps in the orchard. These traps exude a pheromone similar to that of female codling moths in order to attract the males to the trap. The result is less males being available to mate with females, less eggs laid, fewer caterpillars, so far fewer damaged apples. (More clean, undamaged apples, so more Worcester College Apple and Pear Juice)

In the Tomato Glasshouse, Ali planted the 10 Harlequin tomato plants as well as the five cucumber and lettuce, all grown from seed.


  1. Looking great Ali! Great to see the glasshouse in action!

  2. Thank you, you are our inspiration, keep up all your hard work. X