Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Fox, A Monjack and Three Fox Cubs

No photos for this amazing encounter, but the memories will always be there. Whilst walking through the Provost's Garden something caught Ady and Graham's attention, a fox, three fox cubs and the Monkjack deer. Graham went to get Ali, then the three of them spent the next ten minutes watching them. Two cubs were playing together and the monkjack deer, which seems to be part of the family, licked the third cub whilst it lay on the ground, its mother sitting right beside it!


  1. Incredible! What an amazing thing to see! I'm a postgraduate student at Worcester and I follow your blog every day. My partner has actually taken tons of photos of the gardens, which we'd be happy to send you if you'd like: http://www.flickr.com/photos/30939234@N02/5696551253/in/set-72157626543799181

  2. Hello. It was a wonderful thing to watch, my camera was in the tea shed at the time, usually have one on me but didn't think I would need it that day! Thanks for the link to your flickr account, I am enjoying looking through your pics, like the one of Joss mowing the quad lawn, will show it to him. Thanks for following us, we seem to be building a following slowly. Thanks Allison (Gardening Team)