Monday, 18 April 2011

The First New Arrivals

The first of our visiting geese have been spotted with three goslings. This year the Greylag geese have beaten the Canada geese in producing offspring, even before the resident Mallards and ducks.

19th April 2011: Today it was noticed that there are only two goslings and one adult.
21st April 2011: The feathers of the adult Greylag goose have been found, but the good news is we still have one adult and two goslings.
27th April 2011: The goose and the goslings have been joined by four adult geese. Not to be out done, a pair of Mallard now have 4 ducklings.
28th April 2011: Sadly, dispite safety in numbers, the goose has lost another gosling, now we have just one remaining.
3rd May 2011: The Greylag Geese have left, all the goslings have therefore been lost.
10th May 2011: A Moorhen pair have been seen with two chicks today.
16th May 2011: Canada Geese pair seen with three goslings.

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