Tuesday, 12 April 2011


In November 2009 we started a project to introduce early colour in to the herbaceous border using Tulips. Last April we got to see the results of our first planting, red, orange and white, leaving two colours missing from our colour scheme, purple and pink. These colours were planted in November, see blog entry 'Project Tulip', and it is only now that we are getting to see all the colours filling the entire border.
The lily flowered, deep sugary pink tulip is China Pink and the single cup shaped, reddish purple tulip is Attila.

Over in the Tropical Bed, this years display theme was to provide hot colours for the winter and spring, red, yellow and orange. The final colour is provided by the tulip Abu Hassan, a goblet shaped, rich red flowered tulip with gold margins. This tulip brings all the other colours together, a sizzling, warm border.

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