Thursday, 13 January 2011

One Month Early

Ali, Joe and Simon have continued pruning throughout this week as we gradually work our way around the college grounds, slight delays incurred when having to add new wires to walls and re tie stems that have broken free of their restraints.
Joss and his alter ego, Banana Man, having dealt with the Snow Mould on the quad lawn last week, has been adding a late feed to the rest of the lawns to encourage strong root development for the coming year ahead.
Ady and Graham have spent the last few days tidying the area behind the Provost's garden, strimming down all the unruly brambles and bamboo, as well as clearing up the remaining autumn leaf fall.
On a wildlife note, the Kingfisher has been spotted flying low over the lake, and the Goosanders, not expected to be seen until mid February as in the previous two years, have been spotted today on the lake, one month early.

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