Wednesday, 26 January 2011

On Your First Day

On your first day there is nothing better than getting stuck in to your work like Tracy did today. Armed with her secateurs and fully wrapped up for the cold weather she joined Ali working on the hedgerow next to the canal, at the back of The Broadwalk.
Whilst Ali stayed on the land side, Tracy hopped over the hedgerow and started on the canal side until the bank ran out and she rejoined her new colleague, welcome to our team Tracy, see you on Wednesdays.

Keiron and Joss spent the morning fixing the roof on the shed that stores the diesel, fertilizer and the Kabota tractor. Leaking since a tree branch fell on it, they removed the old brittle material and replaced it with new sheets that should last another ten years.

Once he had finished on the roof, Joss then spent the afternoon spiking the quad lawn for the first time this year, whilst Kieron joined Ali, Tracy and Ady on the canal hedgerow.

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