Friday, 19 November 2010

Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion

For the last three days the gardening team have been focusing all their efforts on the Linbury Building and the surrounding areas, the reason being, the visit of Lord Sainsbury.
Many of the overhanging branches have been cut back and, with the help of Matt and Dwayne from the maintenance team, all the leaves removed from the roof. Matt and Dwayne also then spent time power washing all the grime from the paving area directly outside the building as well as the cobwebs and dirt from the eaves.

New shingle was added to edge the paving and the tarmac paths swept clean once all the borders had been mulched. The lawn was then mown and edged, the new tropical bed cut down
and a mulch added, then the york stone path leading to the building hosed off to remove any dirt.
The finishing touch, two pots moved to the front of the building for Ali and Simon to create new displays. After three busy days the area was in first class order 'Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion'.

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