Friday, 26 November 2010

How Do You Keep Warm?

A question the team are often asked in this cold weather is "How do you keep warm?" Well, apart from the increased number of layers we are all currently wearing, the soup supping at break and lunch time, the answer is keep moving!
Today Simon, armed with his chainsaw, Graham, Joe and Ali, armed with axe, spend the morning chopping up wood for the college fire places. Within ten minutes of starting they have worked up a sweat and the excess layers are removed, no need for soup today.

Another job to keep us warm, if only from the steam emitted from the heap, is to volunteer to work on the compost heaps. The New Holland, with its grab, is used for this job, mixing leaves, grass, shredded office paper and herbaceous material together. Due to the recent leaf fall and the cutting back of the herbaceous border, the heaps around the college have fallen out of the confines of their boards and need pushing back and mixing.

Once the work on the heap is finished, the area is swept and is ready for the next lot of material to be added.

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