Tuesday, 18 May 2010


The college grounds cover a vast area, 26 acres, and along with other sites, the gardening team is always kept busy. Some areas are regularly maintained, whereas, others are dealt with less often. Over the last two days, two of these areas have been tackled by the team and brought back in to a tidy, managed order.
Once again the team have split into two groups, Josh, Ali, Simon and Joe tackle the large pile of material in need of chipping at the bottom of the sports field. Ady, Lucy and Graham focus their attention on the area behind the Nuffield Building, where the 'Tangled Mess' can be located, a very large Laurel bush has grown too large and needs to be brought down to a more manageable height.They reduce this by a third, remove all the cut down branches to the chipping pile, weed the adjacent borders and rake up all the remaining leaves left from last autumn.
The second area, in need of much attention, borders the college boundary line behind the Casson Building. Simon, Ali and Joe join up with the others as they finish the first area and all move on to this area. Two foot tall grass, four foot high nettles and weeds, a number of very large over grown shrubs and litter are cleared from this site and finally some semblance of order is returned to a forgotten area of the college.

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