Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Great Unveiling

Today is the day for the 'Great Unveiling'. Back on the 19th November 2009, the blog entry 'Wrap It Up' was about the Musa basjoo located on the herbaceous border and the need to wrap it up to protect it from what ever the winter may throw at it. Little did I know, when writing that entry, that we would experience the worst winter in thirty years.
After that terrible winter, our worry is that, should the banana plant have survived those extreme cold temperatures it may now be sweating under all that wrapping in this very hot May. The descision has therefore been taken to remove all of its protection and check for signs of life.
We need not have worried as to its fate, two new leaves growing from its trunks, a great survivor of extremes, during which time many plants have died.

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