Friday, 11 December 2009

A Fox and A Kingfisher

First let me say that I, Ali, did not take this photograph, I only wish I had. Today was a very special day, not just because Lucy had returned to work after a terrible cold, but because of the two wildlife encounters.
Graham and Ady had a face to face encounter with a fox when it came within inches of them as they were fixing a gate at the bottom of the Provost's Garden. The fox wanted to go through the open gate so they had to move out of his way and allow him to pass, he then went on to see what Ali and Ying were up to in the garden, before continuing his journey through to the Nuffield Lawn. WOW!
The reason for the picture of the Kingfisher is that this is the exact pose Lucy, Ali and Graham had the pleasure in witnessing today from the bridge overlooking the weir. For ten minutes the Kingfisher sat in a low lying shrub over hanging the waters edge with a fish in its mouth. A wildlife encounter none of us fortunate enough to be there will ever forget.

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