Thursday, 10 December 2009


As the gardeners have been working their way around the college grounds chopping down all the hebaceous material, Ady and Graham have been following in their foot steps with truck loads of mulch. Wherever the secateur holding gardeners have been the mulchers follow, moving in their shadows, like an oil slick, leaving behind them a trail of rich, dark black, nutritious mulch.

The Ruskin Building border could not escape the dark cloud that followed, the newly exposed soil having been uncovered by the removal of the plant material by the secateurs, was soon covered once again.

No corner of the college, that contained hebaceous material, would escape its fate as the two mulchers moved stealthily around the grounds searching for their next victim.

The Broadwalk would soon be covered in mulch unable to withstand the fate of all the borders that had come before it.

The Casson fell victim to this onslaught too and when the mulchers were running short of mulch, they turned to the pile of wood chip and used this to mulch the three large tree and shrub borders lining the Nuffield Lawn. They can only be stopped when the mulch runs out, will we all be under a pile of mulch before the year is out. Watch out Rose Garden, you are next!

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