Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Scarifying On A Large Scale

Josh has spent the last month scarifiying lawns, but today he has enlisted the help of Kieran to scarify the Provost's lawn, one of the college's biggest lawns. Due to the lawns size, Josh's mower, Dennis, is not big enough to cope with the requirements, so another piece of kit is needed. The Amazone Scarifier is attached to the big blue tractor and, at between 1-6 mph, is driven carefully over the lawn.
As with the Dennis, the Amazone removes the dead grass and thatch that has built up during the mowing season allowing water and nutrients to reach the grass roots.

As the blades rotate through the lawn it collects the grass into the box, 1.25 metres cubed, and once full, is emptied into a pile. Over two days, numerous boxes were filled leaving the lawn looking rather bare, but Josh is confident the grass will come back looking stronger and better than before. Now all he has to do is aerate the entire lawn!

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