Tuesday, 13 October 2009


On a warm Monday afternoon and a rather cold Tuesday morning, the gardeners set about collecting a variety of apples, cookers and eaters, along with some pears, in preparation for juicing. About a dozen baskets of fruit were eventually collected and transported to Waterperry Gardens to undergo their juicing process resulting in, hopefully, 100-150 bottles of Worcester College Apple & Pear Juice 2009.

Once at Waterperry, the fruit is hand sorted to check for any bruising and damage. The best juice is made from a mixture of apples, eaters are too sweet and sickly on their own, so cookers make the best base for juicing. The fruit is placed into a giant food processor and chopped up to a pulp, the pulp is placed into several square frames, each wrapped in a cloth, this is called a cheese! Nine cheeses are then placed in a cheese stack and then pressed under high pressure to produce our Worcester College juice. Only vitamin C is added to our juice.

The juice is then taken to be bottled into heat sterilised bottles and once cooled down will be labelled. The juice is ready to drink at anytime, best chilled, and, if left unopened, lasts 18 months, or if opened, use within 3 days. Look out for our juice, it's coming to Worcester College soon!

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