Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Spick & Span

With everything having been cleared from the greenhouse, Mick was unleashed to put order into the chaos left behind from planting out and bedding up. The man does no thing by half, and after a rainy day with assistance from Joe and Lulabelle, the leftover plants were moved outside into the cold frames, the weeds were pulled from under the benches, and the paths were swept with gusto. After the dust died down Mick was left to douse the place with a good helping of Jeyes fluid, and scrubbed it to within an inch of it's life. It is now to be left, closed up for a week, for the Jeyes fluid to work it's magic and kill any nasties that may be lurking on the potting benches.When that week is over, we will burst back in there eagerly potting up our babies and sewing the seeds for the spring bedding and new planting season to come.

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