Saturday, 11 July 2009

And Then There Were Eight

Twelve months ago we took delivery of twelve young ducklings, which, after a few weeks of settling into their new surroundings, were released on to the lake. Not long after their new adventure started, we lost two, but, for the remainder of the time, we have watched them as they have grown and started families of their own.
Readers of this blog will know that on the 29th April, I announced the arrival of thirteen ducklings, only to have to give you the sad news, two weeks later, that they had all died.
Around this time we also lost another one, well, now I have some more bad news, our beloved Tufty, has died. It looked like he died following a run in with a fox. A very sad day for the gardeners, perhaps we shouldn't name our ducks!
Tufty can be seen in the video blog entry of the 9th February 'We'll Get There In The End'.

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