Thursday, 4 June 2009

Totally Tropical

With temparatures soaring it seems only right to start work on the tropical border, but where to start. Decisions, decisions. Bananas, Phoenix Palms, Amicia, Cannas, Colocasia, where are they all going to go to give the best tropical impact?
The gardening team were joined by Arie and Neil, medical students who have finished their exams and volunteered to help us.
After a big effort by all, digging very large holes and lifting the huge bananas and specimen plants into place, the architectual spine of the display was finished. Now for the less strenuous job of filling in with the plants that will create the colour, Dahlias, Bulls Blood, Chard, Coleus, Marigolds, Tithonia and Verbena.
All watered in and here is the result, now for August/September for the spectacular display.

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