Tuesday, 23 June 2009


The main quadrangle lawn has been showing signs of a fungi known as Fusarium. The Fusarium fungus is a naturally occurring fungi, with the spores existing within the body of virtually all turf at all times. When climatic conditions are suitable the spores can become very active and result in the development of visible brown patches and mould.
Fusarium fungi can develop on all turf, however, it is more visible on grass areas mown to a lower height as in the quad lawn which is currently being mown to a height of 16mm. The Fusarium is most noticeable as patches of yellow-brown grass which do not hold dew in the mornings. Josh has to apply a fungicide treatment to the lawn using the walk over sprayer, the white dots are produced by a marker foam to guide him across the lawn, preventing over spraying. Hopefully the Fusarium will now remain under control.

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