Monday, 3 September 2018

2018, A Record Equalling Summer

The Nuffield Lawn, 13th July 2018

Now that the meteorological autumn has begun, 1st September to the 30th November, and the hot summer months are, supposedly, behind us, it is a good time to reflect on what has now been declared by The Met Office as "the joint hottest on record together with 2006, 2003 and 1976".

Top Orchard, 27th July 2018

Nash Wall Lawn, 27th July 2018

Lower Orchard, 27th July 2018

The Sports Field, 13th July 2018

From the photographs above, the effects of this record equalling summer can clearly be seen. The areas of grass that do not have an automated watering system, as with the quad and the banks, have suffered from the lack of rain and high day time temperatures. From the end of June to mid August the daytime temperatures were regularly above 30C (85F) and not only was the grass flagging but the team were too! Both the grass and the team are resilient and have recovered from the endless heat, the grass is now green again following rain and dewy mornings, and the team are busy preparing the gardens for the autumn. 

The Nuffield Lawn, 31st August 2018

Top Orchard, 31st August 2018

Nash Wall Lawn, 31st August 2018

Lower Orchard, 31st August 2018

Sports Field, 31st August 2018

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