Monday, 24 April 2017

Tulip 'Blue Diamond', Surely It's Purple?

View From Above

The border at the far end of the quad was planted up for the winter/spring display back in October, see blog entry for the 13th 'From Pastels To Blue Diamonds'. The colour theme is purple this year, Wallflower 'Sunset Purple' and Tulip 'Blue Diamond', but why a 'blue' tulip when the colour theme is purple? As can be seen by the photographs there is actually no blue to be seen!

Wallflower 'Sunset Purple' and Tulip 'Blue Diamond'

Not sure why the tulips were named 'Blue Diamond' but their large, double violet purple blooms on long stems look perfect planted amongst the purple wallflowers. Pleased with this combination of planting more of these tulips will be added to the border in the autumn for an even better display this time next year.

Purple not Blue

Tulip 'Blue Diamond'

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