Thursday, 9 February 2017

Anchored By A Platipus

Two Sizes Of Platipus Anchors

The New Platipus Rootball Fixing Kit

The team have spent the last few days planting 8 new trees in the grounds but, unlike all previous plantings, there isn't a wooden stake or tree tie in sight. The reason for their omission is due to a 'Platipus', a new rootball fixing system that replaces the need for a tree stake and tie. 

Placing The Anchor

Putting the tip of the drive rod in to the base of the anchor it is placed in to the bottom of the hole and, using a sledgehammer, driven in to the soil until the eye of the anchor is showing by just a few inches. Using the eye, the anchors are pulled upwards to lock the them in to place, three anchors are used for each tree.

Driving In The Anchor

Plati-mats And Ratchet Tensioner

A length of galvanised wire is then threaded through the eye of each anchor and left loose around the top of the hole. Once the tree has been moved in to the hole, three pieces of Plati-Mat are placed on to the rootball for protection, the wire placed on to the protective mats and tightened using a ratchet tensioner. Once sufficiently tightened the excess wire is cut and the soil back filled in to the hole covering the Platipus Rootball Fixing System. A new, modern way of securing trees in to the ground but will that really be the last time the team uses tree stakes and ties? 

Rootball Secured

Hole Backfilled And Platipus Covered

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