Thursday, 12 January 2017

Removing The Parthenocissus

16th May 2014, Virgina Creeper Facade

It is unknown just how long the self clinging Parthenocissus quinquefolia, Virginia Creeper, has been attaching itself to the terrace building of the quadrangle as it climbs along the facade. A rampant climber, the Virginia Creeper has spread along half of the terrace building and half of the library and, in the autumn, adds a stunning splash of red to their elegant facades.

18th November 2014, A Splash Of Red

 Dormant For The Winter

However, the little suckers it uses to cling to the wall have, over the years, caused damage to the 18th century stone so the decision has been made to remove it. 

Cutting The Creeper

The team have spent the week carefully removing the creeper cutting the thick stems with secatuers and loppers, and stripping and peeling the growth with a wallpaper stripping knife. As the creeper was removed the damage to the 300 year old stone was revealed. 

Almost Finished

Damage To The Arch
Damage Revealed

All Gone

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