Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Delayed By Pollinating Insects

3rd November 2016, Partial Shade Border

The herbaceous border is split in to two sections, one section is in full sun and the other in partial shade. A few weeks ago the decision was made to cut down the section that is in partial shade as most of the plants had finished flowering and the border was starting to look rather shabby. Before the cutting down could begin the birch plant supports had to be removed and taken down to the chipping pile ready for chipping. Once cleared of the wooden supports the team, using hedge trimmers, worked their way along the border cutting the herbaceous plants down to ground level. The cut down material was then raked off from the border and put in to the waiting trailer for transporting to one of the compost pits where it will be mixed in with some of this years autumn leaf fall and grass cuttings. 

Cut Down

Herbaceous Border, Full Sun Section

Today, two weeks later, the sunny section of the border has been cut down, the reason for the delay was down to the pollinating insects. The team had noticed that, in this unseasonably warm November, many pollinating insects were still visiting the flowers so decided to delay the cut back whilst they continued to feast on the flowers and the vital food source they provide . The weather has now changed, the temperatures have dropped and the insects gone so today the sunny side of the border was cut down. Both borders will be mulched with leaf mould in the coming weeks as soon as the wisteria leaves have stopped dropping on to them.

15th November 2016, Full Sun Section

Cut Down, Waiting For A Mulch (Wisteria Still In Full Leaf)

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