Thursday, 11 August 2016

Three Trays Of Wallflower Plug Plants

Three Trays Of Wallflowers

With a 'Spanish Plume' weather front forecast to arrive next week bringing warmer weather it didn't seem quite right to the team to be potting up the winter bedding plants. Three trays of wallflower plug plants arrived yesterday from Ball Colegrave, 230 x 3 total 690 plants, all needing to be potted up in to their own individual pots.

Wallflower Plug Plant Tray

Three varieties have been chosen for the displays around the college gardens, 'Sunset Purple', 'Sunset Orange' and 'Sunset Yellow' which will be planted out during the end of May to first few weeks of June depending on the frost risk.

Potting Up

Working on one tray at a time the tiny plugs were gently pushed out of their cells and planted in to small pots of multipurpose compost.

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The newly potted plug plants were placed outside in the cold frames where they will remain until planting out time, although they will be potted up in to the next sized pots at some point in the future before they become pot bound and, as they get larger, their growing tips pinched out to make them more bushy plants. 

Potted Up Wallflowers In The Cold Frames

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