Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Hidden Bird Life Of Worcester College

1st June, Reed Warbler 'Churring' In The Reeds In College

Reed Warbler In The Reeds At Worcester College

Walking in through the entrance of Worcester College and standing in the cloisters you can't help but be in awe of the surroundings: the row of 13th century cottages; the imposing neo-classical 18th century buildings; and the well manicured lawn with its curved pattern. Through the two archways is the garden, lawns, mature trees, stunning borders and even a lake but what is not seen is the hidden bird life that occupies the college too.
The large birds, swans, geese, ducks are clearly visible but not the small. In the quad, the three pairs of Goldfinch that are nesting in the wisteria and the Virgina creeper, and the pair of Great Tit nesting in the small crack above the entrance to staircase 7.
Beside the bridge, in the Ash tree, a family of Great Spotted Woodpecker occupy a hole, successfully feeding their young who have fledged this morning and now live within the college grounds. (Video below taken a few hours before fledging of the male feeding the very hungry juvenile in the ash tree).
In the reeds beside the Sainsbury Building, a pair of Reed Warbler, summer visitors to the UK, have returned to the college today, flitting amongst the reeds singing their 'churring' song. These small brown birds were first heard last year in the reeds, see blog entry for 4th June 2015  'First Recorded Visit Of A Reed Warbler To The College', a few days earlier this year they have been seen and heard and, hopefully, they will stay and breed.

Fledged Juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker

Goldfinch With Nesting Material In The Wisteria


  1. I work for MasterGrades, it is also near one of the colleges in Britain. And it's gorgeous as much as this place. Many trees, old beautiful houses. It looks amazing. I am amazed by nature and the world around me. We must appreciate to keep this beauty!