Monday, 6 October 2014

From Nursery To Portakabins


The development of the former Ruskin College site by Exeter College on Walton Street, behind the nursery/orchard area of Worcester College, is continuing at pace. The old building has been knocked down, apart from the old 1913 facade which will be incorporated in to the new design. How does this effect Worcester? The answer is reflected in the following series of photographs. The nursery area has been leased to their contractors for the next two years and has been undergoing a transformation since the beginning of September.

Simon and Ali cleared out their two vegetable plots, the result of the 2012 nursery reclamation project, see blog entries 31st March 'Weeding, Levelling And Measuring' and 16th April 'The Nursery Is Reclaimed', to make way for the temporary cold frames for the next two years.

Once the temporary cold frames were in place the old frames were emptied ready for development of the nursery site.


By the end of September all that remained of the frames were the cement bases that had been done last year, see blog entries 22nd August 'Cementing The Cold Frame Floors' and 25th September 'Another Concrete Cold Frame Base'. The site was now ready for the arrival of the seven portakabins that came in yesterday. Walton Street was closed for the day and the portakabins delivered by crane over the top of the cottages and in to the old nursery area.

The Gardener's Tea Shed V Portakabins
The transformation is now complete, from nursery to portakabins, which will remain in place for the next two years.

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