Monday, 8 September 2014

The Scarifying Of The Quad Lawn Begins

The project of replacing the grass on the banks in well under way with the new metal edging now being put in place. Whilst this continues on around them, Joss and Simon begin the task of scarifying the quad lawn and will continue to work on the grass over the next few days.

Last scarified in 2011, see blog entries for August 'Two Men, Two Mowers', 'What Has Happened To The Lawn?' and 'Very Brown', Simon uses the Dennis mower with the scarifying cartridge installed, riping out the thatch that has built up over the last three years. Following a few rows behind him, Joss, using the Alllet mover, cuts the grass that has been raised by the scarifying, cutting at a height of 21mm (this height will steadily be reduced over the next few days to a planned 12-13mm). The duo will return tomorrow to continue the scarification.

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